Rx Tx charger YT712152YT567152YT-77152

Rx Tx charger YT712152YT567152YT-77152
Rx Tx charger YT712152YT567152YT-77152
  • Rx Tx charger YT712152YT567152YT-77152

Informacje o produkcie


1.Model No.: YT-712152/YT567152/YT77152

2.Rx Tx charger

3.Input: 230V


   7V 150mA, 12V 150mA

   5.6V 150mA, 7V 150mA

   7V 150mA, 7V 150mA

Main Application

1. Airsoft Gun, Paintball Gun 

2. RC Model, RC Airplane, RC Car, RC Helicopter, RC Hobby, RC boat

3. Indoor Helis, Indoor UFO 

4. Micro Slow Flyers, Park Flyers 

5. 3D Airplane Aerobatics 

6. Wireless Communication System 

7. Electric Instrument 

8. UPS Aero Model 

9. Military Use

Our Product's Advantage

We can make high temperature battery up to +85°C and ultra-lower temperature up to -40°C, our battery win The World Championship in F3C every year since 2012, got very good reputation to all the worldwide, our batteries with high energy density, high discharge platform, long cycle life more than 500cycles, low self discharge.

Our Company's Advantage

Our company funded in 1992, nowadays we have two factory lines and one HK company, one Germany company, so can support customer very well for after-sales service and technology support, we can design and developing the battery, charger, BMS, casing according to customer specification.

    --1 strong R&D laboratory

    --3 production factories

    --23 years of history

    --60 QC

    --100 engineers

    --1,000 skillful workers

    --50,000 square meters area of factory

    --200,000 pcs production capacity per day 

Our Certificates

ISO 9001, SGS, RoHS, UL 1642, CE,UN 38.3, ICE62133 etc international certificates

View Of Our Factory:

Factory 1(New): 

Factory 2: Production line


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